Since being a Chime Sitter is an exclusive program, we do not make the Chime Sitter app available to the general public via the App Store. So installing Chime on your iPhone takes a few extra steps.

Download Chime Requires iOS 10.3

You can only download the app from your iPhone.

If you’ve installed the Chime Sitter app before, you should be all set. However, if this is your first time, you may get an alert popup like this:

Installation Popup Example

Here's how you fix it:

Step 1: First, open Settings and then tap on General. Next, tap on Profiles & Device Management.
Installation Step 1
Step 2: Next, look under the Enterprise App section, and tap on Sittercity Incorporated.
Installation Step 2
Step 3: Then, tap on Trust "Sittercity Incorporated".
Installation Step 3
Step 4: At the top, it should look like the following:
Installation Step 4
Step 5: Return to your home screen and tap on the Chime app.
Installation Step 5
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