How does it work?

  • Set Your Schedule:  
    You'll set your own schedule out for 2-3 weeks at a time, directly in the Chime app or website.  Have flexibility and want to work 1-5 weekdays per week?  Go ahead and set it up.  Want to spend a week with your family from out of town.  No worries, just block your calendar.
  • Get Booked for Jobs:  
    Here's the magic, as we do all the work.  We'll notify you when you get booked for jobs as they get assigned.  No hunting for opportunities or worrying about "not enough hours".
  • Phone Intros:  
    Once you are booked, you reach out to the booking family and introduce yourself and discuss specifics of the sitting.  This is where your experience kicks in to determine the right questions to ensure a smooth booking for you and put the family at ease.
  • Booking Day: 
    You are the face of Chime and are there to make the parent's care needs a breeze.  Use your knowledge to settle in, make the kids feel comfortable and help the Parent get on with their day.  Ensure a great sitting experience for the whole family and wrap things up professionally at the end.
  • Complete the Booking:  
    Record the details of the sitting in the Chime app or website and the sitting is complete.  You're on your way home and free for the evening.  
*For lead sitters in good standing
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