March's Top Sitter of the Month: Dezhane R.

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Meet our Top Sitter for March—Dezhane! In a few weeks’ time, she’ll be graduating from Columbia College with a degree in Theatre: Acting & Performance. Needless to say, a Chime Getaway prize couldn’t come at a better time. What a perfect way to celebrate!

Born in Chicago, and raised in Carbondale, Dezhane sees herself rooted in the Windy City for quite some time. She’s found Chicago to be an epicenter for the arts and her acting spans across theatre, film, tv and even voice-over work. It’s rare for this sitter to not be involved with a creative endeavor from one moment to the next.

“I’m so passionate about the arts. It’s crazy,” she said.

What’s even more crazy is her seemingly natural ability to manage babysitting on Chime with the rest of her life. She tries to maintain some consistency by updating her availability calendar bi-weekly and has also noticed a lot of luck in getting booked if she’s able to open her calendar up a month in advance. For someone who goes to school full-time, babysits on Chime, and works another part-time job—she truly makes it look easy.

“I’m always all over the place. I’ve found that a planner is my best friend.”

dezhane & chime

Dezhane originally heard about Chime from her sister. Her love for babysitting and natural ability to connect with people (and being able to set your own schedule) drew her to the on-demand babysitting program. Advice from one sitter to another? She’s a firm believer in being yourself and remembering how special each and every sitting should be:

"Humans connect with humans. Humans do not connect with robots. Every Chime sitting we go to is new to us...but also for the families and children. It's important to remember what is was like being a child, like when my mom would introduce a babysitter to me."

Dezhane simply brings her creativity, genuineness, and what makes her unique into every Chime connection. One of her favorite Chime sittings was for a family who runs their own theatre. The apple surely doesn’t fall from the tree; their daughter created an entire theatre for all her stuffed animals!

Where is this awesome sitter taking her Chime Getaway? Her prize perfectly aligns with her zest for travel. A group of her friends are taking a post-graduation Disney World trip, but there’s also talk of a potential Bahamas cruise...and Dezhane has never been on a cruise before. What will she decide? Either way, we know she’ll be off enjoying some sun and having a well-deserved adventure.

Dezhane's Profile

Member Since: November 2016

All-time Ratings: 5-stars

What do parents have to say?

"My daughter has not stopped talking about her 'amazing' babysitter and can't wait for her to come back!"

"Dezhane was great! The girls had a great time playing and watching a movie. They were in bed on time and sleeping when we got home. Dezhane was sweet with our dog and very understanding about the craziness that greeted her when she arrived. We would definitely book her again and we are adding her to our favorites!"

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