January’s Top Sitter of the Month: Rachel!

A huge congratulations to our first Top Sitter of the Month, Rachel B., from Boston! We were able to catch up with her to hear more about her experience with Chime, some of her tips and tricks, and where she plans on going on her Chime Getaway!

Why Chime?

Chime gives me a broader exposure to families - I get booked more often! I also appreciate that Chime screens families for us. It gives me more exposure to families, allowing me to be booked more frequently.  I also like that I can work when I want to work.

Tell us about your favorite Chime sitting!

I've had a ton of great sittings, but one that comes to mind is building candy towers with two girls (it was right after Halloween). We built them for hours and they still talk about how much fun they had.

What tips do you have for a new Chime sitter?

If you’re a sitter on Chime, then you're probably already an awesome sitter, so make sure to keep your availability calendar up-to-date, and reach out to new families ASAP once they've booked you.

Tell us the secret to being a 5-star sitter!

Hmmm, you'd have to ask the families that!  I just try to remember what I felt like as a kid, in order to relate.  I love being silly and making kids laugh.  I try to put the parents at ease.

What Else are You passionate about? 

I volunteer at an animal shelter and at a nonprofit dedicated to providing formerly homeless families with furniture and household items.  I also enjoy biking, reading, being part of a book club, and Netflix!

You sound like a busy woman! How do you manage Chime around the rest of your life?

I keep a very detailed Google calendar!

Now, for the exciting part...where are you going on your Chime Getaway?

I’d like to use it on my trip to visit my sister in LA, and on an Alaskan cruise I have planned for this summer.

Highlights of Rachel’s success on Chime:

Rachel's Profile
Member Since: September 2015
Total Sittings:  74
All-Time Rating: 5.0

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