Being a Top Sitter at Chime

At Chime, we are all about helping to connect families with the best sitters around.  Just being in Chime says you are one of the best sitters in your town.  With Chime’s Top Sitter program, we are showcasing those sitters who are shining just a little bit brighter than the rest.

Top Sitter Benefits

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As a Top Sitter, the Chime platform will work that much better for you.  You will be promoted to more families, earn more money, and now you qualify for our monthly Chime Getaways drawing!  

Becoming a Top Sitter

To qualify, over the last 90 days you will need to have:

  • Great Family Interactions:  4.85+ average rating
  • Be Available for Your families:  6+ sittings
  • Be Highly Reliable:  0 cancellations or tardies

Being a Top Sitter is about having great family interactions, being available for your families when they need you, and being highly reliable.  You know, the things you are probably doing everyday already.  We just want to showcase you when you do them.

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The Chime Team

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