April Recap

Happy May, sitters! We had another great month on Chime. Here are some exciting highlights from April:

  • Chime broke another weekly sitting record...not once, but twice this month! Thanks again to all of our sitters who have completed sittings throughout the month of April. You contribute to our everyday success.
  • We welcomed 48 new Chime sitters this month across all of our markets. Our sitter community is rapidly expanding. If you have sitter friends that you think would be a great fit for Chime then send them our way

At the beginning of each month, we draw one of our Top Sitters to win a $1000 Chime Getaway! Our April winner is...

April's Top Sitter of the Month

EVA L. (Chicago, IL)

Congratulations, Eva! We will be reaching out to you shortly to interview you and set up your Chime Getaway.

Want to be a Top Sitter in May and be eligible to win our $1000 Chime Getaway? Be sure you don't cancel, provide an awesome experience to each and every family you meet, and post availability (when you're 100% free, of course!) to increase your chances of getting booked.

March's Top Sitter of the Month: Dezhane R.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.04.40 AM.png

Meet our Top Sitter for March—Dezhane! In a few weeks’ time, she’ll be graduating from Columbia College with a degree in Theatre: Acting & Performance. Needless to say, a Chime Getaway prize couldn’t come at a better time. What a perfect way to celebrate!

Born in Chicago, and raised in Carbondale, Dezhane sees herself rooted in the Windy City for quite some time. She’s found Chicago to be an epicenter for the arts and her acting spans across theatre, film, tv and even voice-over work. It’s rare for this sitter to not be involved with a creative endeavor from one moment to the next.

“I’m so passionate about the arts. It’s crazy,” she said.

What’s even more crazy is her seemingly natural ability to manage babysitting on Chime with the rest of her life. She tries to maintain some consistency by updating her availability calendar bi-weekly and has also noticed a lot of luck in getting booked if she’s able to open her calendar up a month in advance. For someone who goes to school full-time, babysits on Chime, and works another part-time job—she truly makes it look easy.

“I’m always all over the place. I’ve found that a planner is my best friend.”

dezhane & chime

Dezhane originally heard about Chime from her sister. Her love for babysitting and natural ability to connect with people (and being able to set your own schedule) drew her to the on-demand babysitting program. Advice from one sitter to another? She’s a firm believer in being yourself and remembering how special each and every sitting should be:

"Humans connect with humans. Humans do not connect with robots. Every Chime sitting we go to is new to us...but also for the families and children. It's important to remember what is was like being a child, like when my mom would introduce a babysitter to me."

Dezhane simply brings her creativity, genuineness, and what makes her unique into every Chime connection. One of her favorite Chime sittings was for a family who runs their own theatre. The apple surely doesn’t fall from the tree; their daughter created an entire theatre for all her stuffed animals!

Where is this awesome sitter taking her Chime Getaway? Her prize perfectly aligns with her zest for travel. A group of her friends are taking a post-graduation Disney World trip, but there’s also talk of a potential Bahamas cruise...and Dezhane has never been on a cruise before. What will she decide? Either way, we know she’ll be off enjoying some sun and having a well-deserved adventure.

Dezhane's Profile

Member Since: November 2016

All-time Ratings: 5-stars

What do parents have to say?

"My daughter has not stopped talking about her 'amazing' babysitter and can't wait for her to come back!"

"Dezhane was great! The girls had a great time playing and watching a movie. They were in bed on time and sleeping when we got home. Dezhane was sweet with our dog and very understanding about the craziness that greeted her when she arrived. We would definitely book her again and we are adding her to our favorites!"

March Recap

Happy April! We are officially in the Spring season and hope that Spring weather is shortly following, too.  (Which means getting to play outside during sittings!) 

Here are some exciting highlights in March:

  • March was another strong month for Chime...we broke another monthly sitting record by 33%! Thanks to all of the sitters that had bookings throughout the month of March. We couldn't have done it without you.
  • A huge Chime welcome goes out to our 58 new Chime sitters that were onboarded last month!

As you know, we like giving something special to one Top Sitter each month by drawing a $1000 Chime Getaway for a lucky sitter! Here is this month's winner...

March's Top Sitter of the Month


Congratulations! We will be reaching out to you shortly to interview you and help you set up your Chime Getaway.

New sitters...curious how to be a Top Sitter next month? Click here for some helpful tips you should do each time you're booked.

February's Top Sitter of the Month: Kylie!

A big congrats to our second Top Sitter of the Month, Kylie H., from New York! We were able to sit down with her to hear more about her experience with Chime, some of her tips and tricks, and where she plans to go on her Chime Getaway!

kylie hammell.jpg

Why chime?

The scheduling is really simple and straightforward and it's easy to go in and update my schedule. On some other sitting sites, I'd have to apply every single time and I wasn't sure what kind of family I was going to get. I like that both the sitters and families are vetted through Chime, so there is security on both ends.

What tips do you have for a new Chime sitter?

I would definitely suggest reaching out to the families you are booked with to confirm the time and learn of anything you need to know beforehand. Also, after your first booking it kind of starts a snowball of bookings, and you get to work as much as your want and enjoy the great experience!

What are you passionate about outside of Chime?

I really like traveling. I'm so excited to have won this trip. I also really like animals. I have two cats of my own and I volunteer my time to animal shelters. The care and protection of animals is really important to me.

How do you manage Chime around the rest of your life?

I sit on evenings and weekends because I have a full-time office job. I tend to keep my schedule open, so if I have something come up with work or socially, I can change my availability easily.

Tell us where you plan on going for your Chime Getaway!

I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. My friend went there for her honeymoon and it looks so amazing. But my brother and sister-in-law live in Hawaii, so I may visit them. They are scuba instructors, so that could be a fun scuba trip!

Highlights of Kylie's success on Chime:

  • Kylie's Profile
  • Member Since: December 2015
  • Total Sittings: 105
  • All-time Rating: 4.7

February Recap

Lucky for us, February was a short month and get to announce our next Top Sitter of the Month and give you a quick update on all things Chime. 

  • In February, we welcomed 62 new Chime sitters to our sitter community.
  • Last week, we broke Chime's weekly sitting record by 10%! We know we couldn't do it without our sitters...so thank you from the entire Chime team!
  • Chime is growing fast so if you have sitter friends that you think would be a great Chime sitter, tell them to apply at sitters.hellochime.com

At the beginning of each month,  we raffle off a $1000 Chime Getaway for one of our Top Sitters. We are excited to announce this month's...



Congratulations! We will be reaching out to you shortly to interview you and help you set up your Chime Getaway.


We want you to be one, too! That’s why we want to let you in on some tips to help you become a Top Sitter in March.

Getting more Gigs

  • Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular date nights, but weekday evenings and daytime sittings are really common on Chime, too! Set your availability during those times to get even more bookings.
  • Have lots of full-day weekday availability? Check out Chime+!

Avoiding Cancellations

  • Checked? Double checked? Why not triple check your calendar to make sure it's up-to-date! We're actively promoting you to families any time your calendar says you're available.
  • Have a schedule change and need to update your calendar ASAP? Make sure you have our Chime sitter app for easy access to your calendar.

Being a 5-star Sitter

  • When you're booked, an introductory phone call or email goes a long way - and it sets the stage for how awesome you are!
  • Being on time means everything. It's an opportunity to make or break a first impression. Arriving just 5-10 minutes late can be a big deal - many parents have a dinner reservation to get to!

Cheers to a great February and an even better March! 

The Chime Team

Introducing Top Sitter of The Month

We’re excited to introduce a new way we are recognizing our Top Sitters. Each month, we will be raffling off a $1000 Chime Getaway package for one of our Top Sitters in a Chime Getaways raffle.

How Does It Work?

  • If you are a Top Sitter in any given month, you qualify for the Chime Getaways drawing
  • 1 booking = 1 drawing entry (the more you sit, the more chances you have to win!)
  • Along with the prize, we are highlighting one Top Sitter each month...this Top Sitter will get to share their tips and tricks of being a great sitter to our sitter community.

What’s the prize?

$1,000 travel package for you to use for a getaway vacation, on us! Think of it as a thank you for being such an integral part of our sitter community.

January’s Top Sitter of the Month

Rachel B. (Boston, MA)

Congratulations Rachel!  We'll be reaching out to you shortly to interview you and help you set up your Chime Getaway.

Being a Top Sitter at Chime

At Chime, we are all about helping to connect families with the best sitters around.  Just being in Chime says you are one of the best sitters in your town.  With Chime’s Top Sitter program, we are showcasing those sitters who are shining just a little bit brighter than the rest.

Top Sitter Benefits

Photo by Antonio_Diaz/iStock / Getty Images

As a Top Sitter, the Chime platform will work that much better for you.  You will be promoted to more families, earn more money, and now you qualify for our monthly Chime Getaways drawing!  

Becoming a Top Sitter

To qualify, over the last 90 days you will need to have:

  • Great Family Interactions:  4.85+ average rating
  • Be Available for Your families:  6+ sittings
  • Be Highly Reliable:  0 cancellations or tardies

Being a Top Sitter is about having great family interactions, being available for your families when they need you, and being highly reliable.  You know, the things you are probably doing everyday already.  We just want to showcase you when you do them.

With regards,
The Chime Team

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